My Journey from Business Class to Rubber Gimp

My flight landed on time at Zurich airport and I felt well rested after the business class flight from Dubai. I knew that my journey was about to take a less comfortable turn as I was headed for Der FemDom and 24 hours in service to Lady Nastasia. I had never met her before but I heard of her reputation as the Rubber Tornado and her intuitive ability to subjugate men into her service.


In the taxi, I reviewed my instructions to present myself at the door of Der FemDom and to affix 'the utensils' that would be waiting for me there. What would I find? I was expecting a simple chastity device but on arrival I saw a large bag of bondage items that I took in turn and applied them to myself. The last item was a blindfold and I took a last look around the corridor before I plunged myself into darkness and knocked boldly on the door to await my fate. I was excited to know that there was no turning back now.


A person I assumed to be Lady Nastasia ordered me to step forward before reaching out to me and guiding me into the innards of Der FemDom. It seemed many steps before I was told to stand still, unsure of my whereabouts or my captor. My hands were released and I was told to remove all my clothes and I stood there naked with blindfold and gag aware of muffled noises all around me. I was then guided into a latex gimp suit which was first zipped and then a small hole unzipped for my genitals. The latex made me feel all the more naked and dehumanised giving me the sexual flush that comes with total submission. Still blindfolded, I soon found myself fixed to a bench by leather straps unable to move and at the mercy of my Mistress. A gas mask was fixed over my face and tubes attached to the mask. Breathing became a greater effort and as I did so, I heard the quiet bubbling of liquid and the unmistakable smell of urine-perfumed air entering my nose.


Later I become aware that there was another person in the room as hushed discussions took place around me. I was released from my bondage and for the first time my blindfold was removed. I was able to see the magnificent Lady Nastasia in front of me and also one of her 'lady maid slaves' dressed in a pretty latex dress complete with large breasts and frilly apron. Lady Nastasia was magnificent as the Rubber Tornado served by her two latex gimps. In time I was directed to find the maid's manhood under her dress and prove my oral skills. Over the evening we were directed at Lady Nastasia pleasure to perform many sex acts on each other as we were alternatively bound and tormented. Once Lady Nastasia was satisfied, I was once again fixed immovable to the bench and the room fell silent again.


There is no natural light in the dungeon but I sensed from the passage of time that night had arrived and I was freed from my bondage and removed from my latex suit. I was permitted to shower before being led to the cell where I was locked to the bed with metal handcuffs, leg cuffs and strategically placed metal chains. The keys were removed and the cell door closed. I was now the prisoner of Lady Nastasia for the night, fixed and uncomfortable in metal while the she slept comfortably nearby. 


After a long night, I was released from my metal chains but kept handcuffed and laid naked on the shower floor where I performed full toilet duties for Lady Nastasia before being returned to my cell accompanied by her fragrant produce. It would be a couple more hours before I was freed again.


I had lost all sense of time, but it became clear from the preparation of equipment that Lady Nastasia was not done with me yet. Despite my exhausted state, she had one more outlandish experiment for me to undergo. I was dressed in a strange latex diving suit with only sealed exits for my neck and genitals. The suit was then filled with some bizarre sticky liquid which sloshed around the suit as I was bound with leather straps to a bench. I watched with increasing admiration as the Rubber Tornado went to work fixing tubes and pumps to my suit before encasing my genitals in a large glass tube. I realised then that I had become part of the famous Ultimate Milking Machine. Suddenly the machine burst into life and the liquid was swashing around in my suit like a bizarre spa jet and the milking machine pleasured and sucked at my cock at an industrial level. In the background, I heard the quiet laughter of Lady Nastasia as she enjoyed the results of her incredible work. I was helpless to do anything but submit to the demands of the machine.


Some time later, I showered, dressed and sat opposite a casual Lady Natasia as we reminisced about our time together over the last 24 hours and swapped stories about our other kink adventures and our civilian lives. Then I stepped back through the doors of Der FemDom into the world where regular people go about their regular business in regular clothes and I felt fortunate to have found a partner as crazy as me to explore everything that kink has to offer. Thank you, Lady Nastasia.