24 hours - No Limits

On my way home from my first session with beautiful, confident and intelligent Lady Nastasia I am reflecting on my experience of the 24 hours - No limits special. It all began with me sending an email to Lady Nastasia, requesting a lunch-to-lunch session, telling her about my previous experience and thoughts about my likes and limits. Very soon I received a positive reply and the practical details were settled, including some instructions for me on how to prepare before the session. 

In order not to spoil the experience for others I will not go into any great detail about the session. You should expect the unexpected already from the absolute  beginning. The amount of equipment available at Der Femdom is immense and never before have I been so strictly restrained in so many different types of bondage rigs, inflatable rubber bags, straight jackets, masks, etcetera.  


To my mind BDSM is very much about communication, and since this was our first session together, Lady Nastasia was very attentive to my reactions when subjecting me to different experiences and modified the session on-the-fly as needed. This can only be achieved by a person with vast amounts of experience and expertise. Lady Nastasia quickly explored and found my limits and in some instances stretched them, leaving me with a sense of personal achievement. One example that stands out to me is how Lady Nastasia with great care and tenderness subjected me to breath control, beyond my previous experience, without me panicking. I could do this because Lady Nastasia instilled in me a sense of total trust and confidence. Within the space of 24 hours of fast-paced activities I was subjected to almost continuous orgasm control to within in an inch of my life, using combinations of quite intense Erostek e-stimming, vibrators and manual stimulation, and I was forced to orgasm more times than I had previously thought was possible for me to achieve. Lady Nastasia really lives up to the epithet "the Tornado".  


 In-between experiences we had short breaks where I got the opportunity to recuperate a little and rehydrate. I also got the chance to have interesting discussions with Lady Nastasia who kindly allowed me a glimpse of her life outside the dungeon. I quickly realized that this is a woman of many talents with great integrity and sympathy for others. 


 Having a 24 hour session was a wonderful experience that left me physically somewhat exhausted, but mentally cleansed and refreshed. For that I am eternally grateful to you, Lady Nastasia.